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ICCTE Spotlight: Josiah Philipsen

Josiah Philipsen As a Technical Editor for ICCTE and a Project Manager at Miller Technologies, I have a passion for helping others with technology. I remember a fellow student in the third grade asking me how to fix a problem in Microsoft Word. My reaction was to click yes to everything that popped up on the screen, because that made sense to me. I ended up erasing the entire document … oops, but my passion for helping others in their technology grew with a little more skill. I enjoy tech questions and getting to meet new people. If you would like to learn more about me feel free to look at my linkedin profile or email me with questions.

Research Interests: When I have spare time, I browse through CNET and Apple news and follow many tech companies on twitter to learn about the new technologies coming out. I enjoy thinking of ways to use it in K-12 or Higher Ed.

Teaching Interests: I started out as a teacher at a school in McMinnville, Oregon. I especially enjoy teaching teachers how to use technology in the classroom to help assist in their lessons.

I get to go home and see my wife and child every day. That is the best time in the day and brings me great joy as we seek to teach our son Landon how to become a man of God while growing tremendously ourselves through that process.