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Letter From the Editor

Dear Friends,


Col. 1:17 – He [Christ] is before all things, and in him all things hold together (NIV).


At the time of virtually penning this letter, I am eagerly anticipating being able to meet many of you at the ICCTE conference this May 28-31 at Redeemer University College in Hamilton, Ontario. The theme of this conference is Faithful Presence and Practice,which flows from the verse cited above. Our pre-conference session with Dr. Ken Badley on writing for publication is wonderful, and I highly recommend it to you as well as the full conference session.


You may register until May 1, and we, your editorial team, would love to see you attend. Spread the word to colleagues and Christian friends in public institutions as well. Meeting you face to face is significant so we can put a face to the wonderful writing received this year as well as manuscripts to come in the future.


The theme of volume 9, issue 2, explores teachers and students as collaborative engagers in higher education. We are blessed to be able to reflect on students entering and engaging university and the formative experiences of teachers who desire to relate to them in their academic journeys.


Ruth Smith’s articleNon-believing Students at a Christian Tertiary Institution – What Drew Them, What They Expected, and What They Found; Christina Belcher & Kimberly Maich’s article Eating Baby Food or Eating Meat? Student Voices on the “Everyday” Use of PowerPoint in University Teaching; Sharon Brobst’s article Academic College Readiness Indicators of Seniors Enrolled in ‘University-Model Schools’ and Traditional, Comprehensive Christian Schools; and Karen and Thomas Buchanan’s article A Visit to The Kilns: A Formative Experience for Two Christian Teacher Educators combine to engage readers from the perspectives of student and teacher voices and perceptions of academic life.


May you enjoy reading these works, and may God graciously nudge you to be a part of future conversations both in person and in print.  I know our team is eagerly awaiting your presence and your productivity.


Pen down.


In God’s service and yours,

Your editorial team (James Swezey, Josiah Philipsen, Suzanna Steeg, Hee Kap Lee)  and

Dr. Christina Belcher,

Editor, ICCTE Journal