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Letter From The Editor

With the approach of the 2014 ICCTE conference at Redeemer University College in Hamilton, ON, Canada, (we are still accepting proposals and registration), excitement tends to be a prelude to this issue. As manuscripts arrived, and were reviewed a common theme emerged for this issue. The theme probed faithful practice from a secure spiritual identity while navigating post and post-postmodern landscapes in the realm of education. Our final founding paper from reprints of the first published works following an ICCTE conference, explores this within the scope of 14 years prior. Our newer submissions build upon aspects of that discussion.

Our feature founding paper by Jeanette L. Hsieh, Louis B. Gallien, Jr., and  Jillian N. Lederhouse from Wheaton College considers cultural pluralism in the public square from an evangelical and educational perspective. Alister Gibson reports on a collaborative action research project inquiring into spirituality in teacher-leadership within three non-denominational Christian school contexts in the North Island of New Zealand. Patrick Otto and Lani Malcom present their findings on how the Christian scholar has both declined and thrived as a result of postmodernism’s influence in Higher Education.  And Geoff Beech considers the place of a philosophical worldview in faithful practice in the context of teaching. All of these papers serve as an introduction to elements that may be of interest to our 2014 Conference: Faithful practice and presence.

Featured also in this issue are two book reviews. Our book review editor Hee Kap Lee reviews the book by Gary Newton, G. (2012). Heart-deep teaching: Engaging students for transformed lives. Glen Greene follows with the book by Gayle Beebe (2011). The shaping of an effective leader – Eight formative principles of leadership. Both of these focus on personal development as we represent the Lord for the greater good of the public as we serve in education.

Browse this issue, use it for your classes, or consider meeting any of its authors at the 2014 conference. I urge you to put in a proposal, to send a manuscript to ICCTE, and to tell others about our wonderful past gatherings as a Christian educational community. I am looking forward to meeting and hosting you as the 2014 conference convenor. So, in true Canadian vernacular, my hopes are in seeing many of you here at Redeemer in May 2014, eh?

Christina Belcher
Editor, ICCTE Journal and Converner of the 2014 ICCTE Conference