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ICCTE Spotlight: Dr. Scot Headley

Scot HeadletDr. Scot Headley, Professor of Education at George Fox University and Dean for the School of Education, is the Editor at Large for the ICCTE Journal. Scot assists the Editor by troubleshooting technical and process issues and in consulting on aims and means.
Previously, Scot served as the Editor for the Journal and currently serves as the Past President of ICCTE.

Research interests: Scot is interested in collegiality in the professional development of educators and the role of cultural humility in the work of teaching and leading.

Teaching interests: Challenging adult learners to accept full responsibility for their own learning. Scot teaches courses in program evaluation, adult education and online teaching and learning.

“Each day I am given a choice to be a friend to my neighbor, to forgive myself and others, and to do the work that is put before me. I am grateful to be a volunteer in service to the King.” -Scot