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Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends,

I have been contemplating my Sunday church service, where the meditation was based on finding peace even in times of productivity, from  Philippians 4:6-9. As our academic calendars change gear and progress to a difference pace, giving us space for more peace that may allow more meditative reading, I invite you to join with me in reading our Summer Issue 8(2) of the ICCTE journal.  Already, we are receiving and processing manuscripts for our Fall Issue. God has been good to us.

Before introducing you to this issue, I invite you to take the time to submit proposals for the ICCTE 2014 Conference to be held at Redeemer University College in May 2014 in Hamilton, Canada. The deadline for proposals is November 30th, 2013, and we would be thrilled to see a cast of hundreds join us for this conference. Just type the words ICCTE Journal into your browser anytime, or go to the link posted on this page under the conference tab with this issue.

This issue contains the topics of math, leadership, TESL and service learning. As planned this year, we are also revisiting hallmark papers from our very esteemed founding authors, and in this issue we feature a paper by Dr. David Anderson.

I would be amiss at this time if I did not acknowledge all of the work that goes into producing an online journal. Our editor in chief, Dr. Scot Headley has worked for years to build this online journal. Our copy editor, Dr. James Swezey, works tirelessly with the final copy edit and is worth his weight in gold to us. Our associate editors, Dr. Susanna Steeg and Dr. Laura Barwegen assist me in the circulation of manuscripts to reviewers, and our faithful reviewers tirelessly strive to make us all better writers with their comments and concerns.  The final product is put online for you by Josiah Philipsen, who has taken over from the many years of service provided by Sean MacKay. You, our readers, submit your cherished work to us. And finally, we are indeed grateful to George Fox University in their generosity and partnership for this work to serve you all. God has blessed me with a great team. We are indeed blessed by the fruit of their labours and by the larger community that this journal engages.

To that end, we are requiring more reviewers for the journal. If you are interested, please send a current CV and your areas of interest to Carefully review our guidelines to authors and reviewers posted on this site.

Now put your feet up, enjoy the summer sunshine, and read. May God bless you, your work and give you some summer Shalom.

Dr. Christina Belcher

Editor, ICCTE Journal