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Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends,

In the act of pondering the majesty of God’s Creation, I never tire of observing the slide of Autumn as it nestles into Winter and the beauty of the snow that follows. It is good to reflect on the comforting flow of God’s grace, beauty and consistency.

The ICCTE journal, in its rhythm of bi-annual publication, has seasons as well. As I end this year and prepare to enter the next one, I have the task not only of introducing what is in this issue, but what you can look forward to in the coming months.

Volume 8, Issue 1 features articles around the themes of institutional life and identity. For those interested in pondering life in institutions of higher education, articles discuss faculty perceptions of teacher professionalism and perceptions of administrative leadership. Scholarship in areas of humility and discipleship pose ideas regarding global education, coaching and technology, and teacher candidate perceptions on faith and learning. As in the last issue, an article written by one of our founding members on what it means to teach Christianly is also included.

Shortly after the publication of this journal, a call for proposals, papers and interest for the 2014 ICCTE biennial conference at the end of May 2014 at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, ON, Canada will become available. Watch your email if you are on the news link, and visit our web page frequently to find out more!

Once again, I also encourage you to keep sending us your manuscripts. If you have an area of interest for reviewing articles, you may also want to send me an e-mail regarding your intent to apply as a reviewer.

As we prepare to end our semester, May God grant all of our readers, authors, reviewers and colleagues a blessed Christmas season of joy and peace. Happy reading!

In Christ’s service and yours,

Christina Belcher, Editor and your editorial team (James Sweezy, Laura Barwegan, Susanna Steeg and Hee Kap Lee and Scot Headley) ICCTE Journal