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ICCTE Spotlight: Dr. James Swezey

As Editor of the ICCTE journal, I am so blessed to work with many other souls in our community of Christian Higher Education. In addition to our other tasks and interests in the service of teaching and learning, your Editorial Committee seeks to not only serve you, but know you and make ourselves known to you as peers, colleagues, and interdisciplinary collaborators. To assist you in knowing us as real people and not just names on a website, I shall be ‘spotlighting’ my appreciation for people in upcoming issues of the journal. For this issue, I would like to spotlight my capable colleague and Associate and Copy Editor, Dr. James Swezey, who has recently began a new position at Liberty University.

P.S. Feel free to contact us if our research interests interweave with your own!


Dr. James Swezey, Associate Professor of Education at Liberty University is the Associate and Copy Editor for the ICCTE Journal. He is the one who prepares your final manuscript and has it ready for posting.

Research interests: Culture within Christian schools (K-12 and Higher Education), worldview, and qualitative methods

Teaching interests: Educational foundations (philosophical and historical) and Educational leadership

Dr. Swezey is busy discipling three teenage children, and hopes to write a meaningful book. We, his editorial teammates, know he can do so, even amid the many other tasks he does so well.