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Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the summer issue of the ICCTE Journal. Recently, your ICCTE Leadership Council met at Azusa Pacific University in preparation for the 2012 Biennial Conference. While there, we contemplated what it meant to implement ’emphatic listening’, as expressed in the book Messengers of God: The sensuous side of spirituality by Arthur Roberts as an act of worship to God and out of respect to each other. In this beneficial devotional within community, we were able to fellowship, plan, eat and laugh as a team who would return with something to share with you all. I invite you to send your manuscripts, and I (and our reviewers) will listen emphatically to your words.

This issue serves four purposes: to share published research, to provoke discussion and provocative reflection, to announce the upcoming conference, and to inform readers of upcoming themes and events. In this issue’s publications, you will have the opportunity to listen to others through their written words. Themes include a reflective paper on the need for creating space for diversity within faculty (Sider & Ashun); considering the possibility of a Christian ethic of care (Shotsberger); exploring the inclusive classroom (LaBarbera); and improving pre-service and in-service student teaching reflections (Hoskins, Schuette & Charlton).

I also encourage you to put the dates May 23-26, 2012 on your calendar and to invite your friends and faculty to attend the conference at Azusa Pacific University in California, to explore the theme Responding to God’s call to serve: Applying a balanced approach to fulfilling educational needs. Presentations will occur around the following four themes: 1. integration of faith and learning, 2. researched – based best practices, 3. community and regulatory relations, and 4. foundational questions/issues/consequences.

If interest warrants, it is possible that a special conference issue will be forthcoming from peer reviewed papers at the next conference. The call for proposals and further information will be available very soon on the ICCTE journal website.

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Hee Kap Lee from Azusa Pacific as our book review editor. Book review submissions can be sent to him at Hee Kap will also assist in providing themes for consideration in addition to manuscripts already in process for next journal publications. Our suggested theme for this current issue, worldview, only garnered two expressions of interest, so that theme will be considered for general submissions in the coming year! Upcoming themes for the journal will be the pedagogy of shalom in the Fall Issue and teaching as redemptive formation for the Summer Issue. Watch for postings by Hee Kap on these themes in the future!

Submissions for the next issue of the journal may be sent to are due October 15, 2011. Enjoy reading, and keep ICCTE in your mind and prayers as we launch new information and publications on our website!

Under God’s grace,

Christina Belcher (Editor, ICCTE journal) and your editorial team.