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ICCTE 2010 Conference Review

Dear Colleagues:

This past May, the Ninth Biennial Conference of the ICCTE took place at LeTourneau University in Longview Texas. About 75 faculty members from a number of colleges and universities gathered to share their research, to fellowship together and to enjoy the hospitality of colleagues. Every other year our group gathers. In the spring of 2012, we will gather at Azusa Pacific University in the Los Angeles area. I am grateful to colleagues who have worked diligently for about 20 years to provide opportunity for Christian professors of education and in related fields to gather for the purpose of sharing our work and lives with one another.

A significant milestone was achieved at our 2010 conference. Our group agreed to adopt a set of bylaws and officially establish a formal association. We have adopted the name, The International Christian Community for Teacher Education (ICCTE). We will continue to host biennial conferences and to sponsor a scholarly journal. We hope to find additional ways of strengthening our ties with one another and will do that through several ways. One way to do this is to offer a membership opportunity to those professors who desire to affiliate with the group and to support its mission. I will be following up this brief letter with a detailed memo soon which will point you toward membership information, our bylaws, current officers and other related information.

I want to express my appreciation to our hosts at LeTourneau University for their fine work in planning and conducting our conference. I also want to express my appreciation to faculty members from a number of institutions in the CCCU and beyond who have given their time and attention over the last four years to make the ICCTE a vibrant group of educators who love Jesus, their students and their profession. God bless you all as you move into the fall of the year with anticipation and joy.

Scot Headley

ICCTE President