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Letter from the Associate Editor

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Volume 5, Issue 1 of the ICCTE e-journal. Before I give you a brief synopsis of what morsels this issue contains, I would like to provide a framework for the next two issues. Volume 5, Issue 2 will reflect the material from the upcoming ICCTE conference and forthcoming papers. Volume 6, Issue 1 will focus on a new idea. We would like to start with some theme issues for 2011. The first will be the theme “Christian colleagues in secular institutions: iron sharpening iron”, so get your pencils sharpened for that. The Lord has many things in store for us all, and we can add to the anticipation with some reading material that will provide pause and inspiration for the year ahead.

Volume 5, Issue 1 of the journal, contains 3 articles and a book review. If this issue were to have a theme, it would focus around equipping others. A professor and his cohort of teacher candidates explore what it means to teach ‘Christianly’ and provide hope in multicultural classrooms. There is an article on special needs (exceptionality in Canadian language) and how the Christian School responds to those learners. Professorial needs are also noted in an article on examining Professional Development Activities and in exploring what it means to be culturally responsive. To continue with the theme of equipping, there is a book review that focuses on the topic of nurturing. Such articles will provide great topics for discussion around the tables at the ICCTE conference in May. Readers additionally may find an article significant to a course pack within this and coming issues.

I cannot leave 2009 behind without one more thought. Thanks is due to the unnamed and unrecognized reviewers of these articles that labour behind the scenes prior to getting this journal to publication. Your interaction, diligence, communication and gracious participation are deeply appreciated by the editing team.

In closing, I urge you to remember to submit your manuscripts for future issues of the journal. Both reviewer information and manuscript information are posted on our journal website. I look forward to seeing many of you in May at Le Tourneau for the ICCTE conference.

Under God’s grace,

Christina Belcher,
Associate Editor