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Letter from the Associate Editor

Dear Colleagues,

My how time flies! It seems like only last week since the last issue of the ICCTE Journal was posted. Since our last issue, many of you have inquired as to when the archives would be available. You will be pleased to know that the archives have not been forgotten, and that by the end of the month they will be available once again on our new ICCTE Journal site. Join me in giving thanks to the gifted Mr. Sean McKay for his accomplishments on our behalf, and our Senior Editor, Scot Headley for his wonderful leadership and labor of love in keeping the wheels turning! As an editorial team, we are all immensely grateful for your patience as all of these changes have taken place.

Volume 4, Issue 2 of the journal, incorporates a good variety of thought, and includes some new additions. We have a new category, in a reflective, interactive essay on the book Blomberg, D. (2007). Wisdom and curriculum: Christian schooling after postmodernity. Sioux Center, IA: Dordt College Press, by Dirk Windhorst. This book is thought provoking and informative to educational practice. You will be stimulated by Dr. Windhorst’s reflections on the topic of wisdom from the position of his love for philosophy.

As you scan the titles for this issue, you will observe that our offerings are very diverse, producing a menu sure to please many palates, so to speak. There is variety in the topics chosen (mentoring, subject-centred enthusiasm, philosophic consideration in faith-learning perspective and teacher authority); variety in the geographic location of the writers (both national and international); and variety regarding the stage of educational journeys of the authors (graduate students and those more seasoned). I am sure that you will find something that will be significant to your future teaching and perhaps an addition to a future course pack within this selection.

On a closing note, thanks also is due to the unnamed and often not recognized reviewers of these works of art that labour (Canadian spelling at that!)  behind the scenes in order to get this journal to publication. To you all, dear friends, we are sincerely grateful. We would be a very poor journal without your interaction, diligence, communication and gracious participation.

I will close this note with two thoughts. First, remember that we welcome your manuscripts for future issues of the journal. Both reviewer information and author information are posted on our journal website. Second, the ICCTE Conference for 2010, to occur at Le Tourneau in Texas next May is now accepting proposals and we want to see you there! You’all come–you here! Spread the word!

Under God’s grace,
Christina Belcher,
Associate Editor