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Volume 3, Number 2: Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Scot Headley

This current issue is one that brings with it anticipation.  We look forward with anticipation to our biennial conference at the end of May, this year hosted by our colleagues at Gordon College, near Boston.  If you have not yet registered it is not too late, and we would love to see you there.  I hope that you have been looking forward to the release of this Winter, 2008 issue of the ICCTE Journal.  While we generally release the Winter issue in the winter (end of January), your editor has been tardy and for that I wish to extend my apologies to our readers, reviewers and authors.  I hope that you will find, however that the wait was worth it, as we have four worthwhile articles and a guest editorial now ready for you.

I am pleased to report that we have a number of other articles in the pipeline and anticipate that several of the papers that are being prepared for presentation at the ICCTE conference will also be submitted to the Journal for review and possible inclusion in an upcoming issue.  Thanks again to our dedicated reviewers and to the scholars and practitioners who have submitted manuscripts.

Is there a common theme for this issue?  I would say, that no, this is not a theme issue.  However, we do have an article by Gary Kilburg and Eloise Hockett and one from JoAnn Looney that deal with mentoring and induction of school personnel.  As we reflect on appropriate practices in helping beginning educators enter our field, let us not forget the important need to be welcoming to all who we come across in our professional journey as Christians who serve in roles as educators and leaders.  Whether students or colleagues or community members, we are truly needy people serving needy people and for this we can be thankful.  An article by Richard Edlin examines how a Christian worldview manifests itself in our practice as educators.  While we have many considerations to reflect on, Esther Swink’s article on the role of reflections as assignments in a doctoral program reminds us that a key practice for professional educators is reflection on our own practice, both its meaning and goodness.  Our colleague, David Robinson presents a book review of Teaching as Paul Taught by Roy Zuck. Finally, in a guest editorial, David Hand and Patrick Otto present some challenges to conventional wisdom presented to our profession by a nationally recognized and influential colleague.

Blessings to you as you read, study and reflect on the ideas presented here.  Please consider submitting a manuscript of your own for consideration.  At present, the acceptance rate for the Journal is about 50%, and our reviewers do their best to provide direction to help us improve our thinking and our writing so that a broad collection of views from Christian professional educators can be presented by the Journal.

Scot Headley is a professor of education at George Fox University and the Editor of the ICCTE Journal.