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Volume 3, Number 1: From the Editor

From the Editor

Scot Headley

Colleagues, this issue marks the beginning of the third year of publication for the ICCTE Journal. I am pleased to inform you that in this issue we begin two new features. David Robinson, consulting editor to the Journal, provides a review of the book, Religion, Education, and Academic Success by William Jeynes. Our hope is that this review will be the first of many, as we desire to make this a regular feature of the Journal. If you have interest in submitting a review for an upcoming issue, let us know. We seek reviews of books important to Christians involved with teacher education and related fields. Our second new feature, equally exciting in my view, is a section of student submissions. Paul Flores from Azusa Pacific University and I began a conversation in May of 2006 which has resulted in four student submissions. Thank you, Paul for working with your student colleagues in developing papers worthy of publication here. Beginning in the January 2008 issue, each issue of the Journal will feature several student submissions. Student work will be reviewed using processes similar to those employed for our scholarly manuscripts. The Journal seeks student submissions that demonstrate thinking about what it means to be a Christian and an educator. Action research, classroom practice and essays which present issues of importance to Christians involved with education are welcome. The student section is reserved for pre-service educators. However, if you are working with professional educators who are also your graduate students, I encourage you to present the opportunity to them to submit a manuscript for review, as well. You might even consider a collaborative effort!

In addition to our two new features, this issue contains several articles from Christian teacher educators. Pam Adams discusses student responses to literature featuring themes related to justice, love and commitment. Ken Pudlas presents a model for addressing the question of how teacher educators can challenge their students to make inclusion of all persons central to their professional practice. As a side note, I hope you appreciate Ken’s Canadian phrasing and spelling! Finally, Steve Loomis and Erik Ellefsen present the challenges of conformity in educational leadership.

I want to express my appreciation to our colleagues who serve as reviewers for the Journal. Their diligent acceptance of the task of reviewing manuscripts allows us to continue to have a rigorous process of review and revision, necessary to scholarly interaction. My special thanks go out, once again to Sean McKay, our technical editor. His expertise and commitment allow us to continue improving and expanding the Journal’s efforts. Finally, I would like to thank, Jim Worthington, the Dean of the School of Education at George Fox University for his ongoing support for the work of the ICCTE Journal.

Scot Headley is a professor of education at George Fox University

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