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Volume 2, Number 2: From the Editor: Greetings on the New Year!

From the Editor:  Greetings on the New Year!

Scot Headley

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to publish this issue of the Journal. Several key events have occurred for the ICCTE Journal over the last few months. At about the same time that our summer issue was released, our colleagues at Regent University hosted us at Virginia Beach for our biennial conference. At a business meeting at that conference, a steering committee was appointed with the task of strengthening ICCTE. That committee has been functioning, and it is our hope that a progress report will be published in next summer’s issue of the Journal. The Journal also launched a series of live webcasts last fall and will host a live presentation to community members through internet conferencing technology on an occasional basis throughout the academic year. Finally, our team of reviewers and editors has been at work in helping to select articles for publication in this and upcoming issues of the Journal.

This issue brings several articles that were based on presentations made at the ICCTE conference at Regent University. Adel Aiken of Geneva College presents a discussion of the influence of postmodernism on children’s books. Martine Audéoud and Cindy Harvel of Mount Vernon Nazarene University present a model for pre-service teachers’ technology tutoring in a cross cultural environment. Bev Norsworthy from the Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, Tauranga, New Zealand discusses an approach to focusing on the person who teaches as a key element of pre-service teacher education.

In addition, Cher Edwards and Scott Edwards from Seattle Pacific University present an article which reviews multicultural issues important for United States and United Kingdom school staff to consider when focusing on students and their families. Finally, June Hetzel and Keith Walters of Biola University present the findings of a study which examined the perceptions of undergraduate students regarding what they valued in university teaching and learning.

I want to express my appreciation for our authors and reviewers. A lot of hard work has gone into producing the journal and the credit must be given to them for their patience, insight and skill. I would also like to thank my colleague and our technical editor, Sean McKay, for his patience and prayerful investment of time and skill in making this electronic journal a reality. Thanks to my colleague and consulting editor, David Robinson, who continues to be an encourager and faithful contributor to this work. Finally, we all would like to thank Jim Worthington, Dean of the School of Education at George Fox University for his continued support of the Journal.

Blessings to you as you continue your work of service. May the thoughts shared here by your coleagues provide fresh ideas and encouragement to you in that work.

Scot Headley is a professor of education at George Fox University and the Editor of the ICCTE Journal.