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Volume 1, Number 2: From the Editor: The Challenges and Joys of Engaging in Service!

From the Editor
The challenges and joys of engaging in service!

Scot Headley

Welcome to our second issue of the Journal. We anticipated having this issue released in December, and I apologize to authors and readers alike for the delay. Two surgeries and four weeks of recovery time behind me, and we are back on track and anticipate that the next issue will be released about June 1.

Our author’s guidelines state that the ICCTE Journal seeks articles of good quality, both from a scholarly and practitioner’s point of view that have a clear focus on the relationship between Christian belief, teacher education and related fields. While we anticipate seeing great diversity in the problems, methods and arguments advanced in articles published in this journal, there should be one common theme. What makes this journal unique is its emphasis on providing a forum for Christian scholars and teachers to share how their faith informs their thinking and their practice.

This journal is a work in progress and we look forward to discovering ways of improving our efforts at reviewing and disseminating the work and thought of Christians who work as teacher educators. As you read this issue, please consider what it is that you can contribute to the community and the conversation. Our team of reviewers has been diligent in their work, and have worked well in providing help to authors along the way. One question we ask of authors and reviewers alike is to consider whether submissions to The ICCTE Journal are clearly presented from a Christian’s point of view. That is not to say that we would expect each Christian to agree on the assertations and propositions set forth here, but that it is evident that the mind of Christ is involved with the thoughts and deeds described herein.

May God bless, and may you be a blessing to those with whom you interact. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming conference at Regent University this May.


Scot Headley is a professor of education at George Fox University.