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ICCTE Spotlight: Tom Buchanan

Tom Buchanan The ICCTE-J editorial team is pleased to welcome Dr. Thomas Buchanan to the work of online journal publishing in service to the ICCTE community. Tom is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education at George Fox University.

Research interests: Dr. Buchanan is interested in the relationship between positive learner development and family & community engagement. He enjoys exploring how the knowledge held by families and communities can meaningfully impact teaching and learning in schools.

Teaching interests: Tom teaches foundational courses in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. He has a passion for quality instruction and his favorite topic to teach is the application of principles of human development to teaching and learning. He also teaches action research and music pedagogy. As a cohort leader, he has guided numerous candidates to program completion and licensure

Tom began teaching in Oregon public schools in 1983. He transitioned to higher education in 1997 and to George Fox University in 2009. Tom and his wife, Dr. Karen Buchanan, reside in Tualatin, Oregon. They are proud of their two children, Brad and Danielle, who are both followers of Jesus and are building successful careers of their own.