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Letter From the Editor

Nearly two years ago, the newly-formed ICCTE editorial team sat around a conference table and tried to come up with ideas for how to generate increased interest and submissions to the journal.  We wanted to invite authors into a shared space of collaboration, encouragement, and sustainability.  Story proved to be the vehicle; we designed a call inviting our colleagues to share stories about their experiences in the classroom that would be shorter and less formal than an average article.  We imagined that this invitation might offer our colleagues a chance to reflect on the moments of education that seem most pertinent and pivotal, to share from the heart about the things that make education both challenging and meaningful.  We drafted the call, shared it with our webmaster, Josiah, and published it with hopes that we might generate some interest.

The response was overwhelming.  So many submissions came in that we had the joy of designating both the Spring and Fall issue for 2017 to these narratives.  We were glad to do this, noting as Jennie wrote in her spring letter from the editor that “our brains are wired for story and our hearts are wired for connection.”  We understand that readers are drawn to stories where the characters look, think, and act like us, as well as to stories where we are challenged to think differently because we could not have imagined this view of the world on our own.   

It seems fitting that 2017 would be a year of stories and refreshment, given the tumultuous political and educational climates in which we teach and learn.  We pray these accounts of your professional lives might challenge, encourage, and uplift you.

Grace and peace,

Susanna Thornhill

for the ICCTE editorial team