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Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

It is a pleasure to compose a letter to you at the outset of the 2016-2017 academic year.  In composing this, my first letter as Managing Editor of ICCTE-J, I envision each of you sitting in front of a screen, scrolling through the latest journal offerings in search of new information or insight.  I wonder what brief words I might offer to encourage you in the face of all we undertake to launch a new academic year and deal profitably with life’s many challenges.  And I think it is this: we serve a marvelous and sovereign God who loves each one with abandon.  This is what grounds us in the educational work of our hands, and is our sustaining grace despite political tumult, racial tensions, social inequities, and all the needs our students carry into our classrooms.

In this issue, you will find your colleagues’ thoughts on culturally-relevant educational practices and how to thoughtfully serve students with diverse beliefs in faith-based educational settings.  You’ll read about the importance of self-care and how we can make school environments more hospitable to parents.  We also offer several book reviews on important topics.  We trust each offering is of some help or blessing in your work.

At our most recent ICCTE conference at Trinity this past May, many expressed appreciations for the Journal’s existence as an outlet for the scholarly activity that grounds and sustains our teaching.  We need your voice added to the conversation; please consider submitting your high-quality scholarship to ICCTE-J for consideration.  Our reviewers are thorough and generous, our editorial team diligent.  We publish twice yearly and are always accepting manuscripts.  See our author’s guidelines for additional information.

Many thanks to our editorial team: Scot Headley (Editor), Jennie Harrop (Assistant Editor), Amy Dee (Assistant Editor), James Sweezy (Copy Editor), and Josiah Philipsen (Web Designer).  Without their generous service, along with that of our reviewers and readers, there would be no journal.

Blessings to each of you in your respective places of ministry.

Susanna Steeg

Managing Editor, ICCTE-J