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Parting Editorial

As I settle in at my keyboard, my neighbour (who restores older vehicles), is cruising happily down our street with the windows down and the radio on high. Without restraint, in joyful volume, the Byrds are singing familiar words from the book of Ecclesiastes: “To everything, there is a season … turn, turn, turn; and a time to every purpose unto heaven.

How apt.

In 2005, I moved from being a reviewer to becoming Associate Editor of the ICCTE Journal under the guidance of my esteemed colleague, Scot Headley. Since 2009, I have served as Editor and have been blessed by a gracious readership and a wonderful group of editorial colleagues, past and present. I pass on this position to a very capable, hardworking and professional editorial team at George Fox who will lead us into the future in significant areas of journalistic scholarship. Their introductory letter is also posted in this issue. I am so grateful for you all and excited for future issues which will emerge from the fullness of your labours.

As I continue to serve as Book Review Editor for the journal, I now invite readers to suggest a book for review, or to write and submit a review for the journal in the future. Please email your review ideas and writings to me at the address noted on our website home page. We are particularly interested in book reviews that bring the reviewed book into dialogue with other literature in its field.

Now, since my neighbour’s vehicle is cruising back down the street, with music on a cheerfully high volume suitable to the 1960’s, I reflect that this letter has ‘turned’ full circle. I close with this thought “under heaven.”

Blessings to you all – and keep reading and writing!

Virtual pen down.

In God’s service and yours,

Christina Belcher