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Letter From the Editor

Ten years ago this autumn, I sat in an office on the campus of George Fox University with a small group of colleagues who had accepted the responsibility for beginning a scholarly journal that would provide a forum for teacher educators at CCCU and like institutions. We were responding to a call to support the efforts of scholars and practitioners who had been exploring the influence and implications of their Christian faith and worldview on their professional work as educators. We did this by providing a forum for scholars to share their ideas and served practitioners by making ideas, programs, and experience available to them.

Now, ten years later, The ICCTE Journal continues to provide that forum. That is correct, this issue marks the ten-year anniversary of the Journal. And, as I write this, I receive the leadership baton back from my colleague at Redeemer University College in Ontario, Dr. Christina Belcher, who faithfully served as our editor for a number of years. Christina provided able service and performed her duties with care and excellence. I am glad to state that due to Christina’s wonderful tenure as editor, we continue to flourish as a Journal. In the last 6 years, we have had over 200,000 views of our Journal. We have an excellent group of reviewers and our editorial team is outstanding.

Dr. Susanna Steeg, who has been serving as an associate editor, is now the managing editor of the Journal. Dr. Jennie Harrop, Dr. Amy Dee, and Dr. James Sweezy join her as our associate editors. Christina Belcher will continue with us a book review editor. Josiah Philipsen continues as our technical editor.

We also welcome many new readers as we reached out over the summer to many colleagues from Christian colleges and universities in North America. We publish twice a year, in the summer and winter, and we are always accepting manuscripts. Refer to our author’s guidelines for more information.

Regarding this issue, we have a number of engaging manuscripts for your edification. I encourage you to dig into the work that your colleagues have been doing to discover insights and applications that may be useful to you in your own work.

Scot Headley, Editor, ICCTE Journal