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Author’s Guidelines

ICCTE seeks articles of good quality, both from a scholarly and practitioner’s point of view that have a clear focus on the relationship between Christian belief, teacher education and related fields.  Submissions should be: well written, appropriately grounded in the literature, sound in argument and/or methods of the project, and suitable specifically for International Community of Christians in Teacher Education. APA 6th is to be used for all referencing, and the manuscript is to evidence proper grammar, spelling and use of language conventions at publication standard.

International Community of Christians in Teacher Education is an electronic journal and will be presented via the internet.  If you are interested in taking advantage of the electronic environment and would like to submit a work enhanced for presentation via the internet, please contact the editor for discussion in that regard.  We intend to permit post-publication interaction regarding articles published in the journal, as well.  We anticipate inviting authors to participate in asynchronous discussion with readers regarding concepts and issues raised in their work.

Submission Guidelines

Article submissions will not be considered unless they adhere to APA 6th edition guidelines. Manuscripts should be between 20-30 double spaced pages.  Submit manuscripts as an MS Word or rtf file attached to an email message to  Include a copy of the manuscript without authors’ names and institutional information.  Please be aware that MS Word captures user name in preferences of documents, therefore save your manuscript without your name.  An abstract should be included at the head of the paper, immediately following the title (5-10 lines). Manuscripts that do not conform to these specifications will be returned.

Include an information sheet (a separate file) that contains the following:

  • Manuscript title and abstract
  • Authors’ names, institutional information and highest degree earned
  • Email address, mailing address, and phone number
  • Brief biographical information (2 lines)

Should your manuscript be accepted for publication with revisions, you will be required to resubmit the manuscript along with an additional Microsoft Word document identifying how you addressed the called for revisions in your manuscript and your reasons for acceptance/rejection of such revisions. Please use the track changes function in Word to clearly show where changes were made in order to assist our copy editors in their work.

We anticipate the timeframe from submission of a manuscript to publication to be about three – six months.  If you are interested in participating in the work of the journal, as a reviewer, or in some other capacity, please contact our editorial team at

Book Review Guidelines

Book reviews are to follow a word limit of 800-1200 words, have engaging content, provoking reflection and inviting a reading of the text.  See examples published in recent issues.  Contact our editorial team at to discuss your ideas for a book review.  Keep in mind the audience of this Journal as you determine whether your book review is appropriate.